1. Gorsad Kiev

    Gorsad Kiev

    Gorsad Kiev is an art collective from the Ukrainian capital, consisting of three photographers devoted to exploring the raw identity of youngsters from their city. In a series of intense analog portraits and short films shot on VHS, Gorsad are able to portray the anxious energy of youth, while conveying something deeper about the essence of their environment. Although unpolitical, these explorations speak subtly of the context they were created in, a European country that has been torn by conflict for years. Gorsad Kiev truly stand out through their ability to create an intimate and honest space within photography, thus initiating a dialogue with those who are in their own words ‘difficult to get in touch with in everyday life.’ ”

    Pershe Veresnya (uk. 1st of September)

    This series of images depicts a fictitious 1st of September or 'the day we go to school.' In them we see characters from the suburbs of Kiev, often appearing inside undefined interiors and illuminated by a flash, not shying away from the camera, or from the adulthood.



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