1. STILL HERE opened at Old Town Gallery Zichy in Bratislava

    Still Here believes that contemporary art offers a useful tool to stimulate public dialogue in a performative and temporary way and that art has the potential to influence anti-authoritarian struggles, within which many art critics see the progressive and emancipatory legacy of the avant-garde.

  2. Elena Subach and Viacheslav Poliakov at Galeria Szara 3–17.09 2022

    Subach and Poliakov, both recipients of EEP’s Research Grant for Ukrainian Lens-based Artists and Researchers, are presenting outtakes of their latest work in Warsaw’s Szara Gallery this weekend. The works presented are closely related to Lviv's artistic community where both authors are based.
  3. FOTOGRAF FESTIVAL 12: No One Belongs Here More Than You 8. 9. – 30. 10. 2022

    For 12 years now, Fotograf Festival, the only thematically and curatorially conceived photography festival in the Czech Republic, has been dealing with the intersection of photography and contemporary art - just like its partner projects Fotograf Gallery and Fotograf Magazine. The festival takes place in Prague, and this year also in Ústí nad Labem.
  4. PUK! Bulgarian Photobook Platform Goes Online

    In PUK!’s online bookstore, you can find a selection of photobooks by Bulgarian and international authors. The PUK! collection includes photobooks, zines, catalogues and photography magazines. 
  1. Restless Bodies. East German Photography 1980-1989 curated by Sonia Voss. Exhibition Review

    Exhibition review by Kateryna Kostenko. Works by Tina Bara (1962), Sibylle Bergemann (1941-2010), Kurt Buchwald (1953), Lutz Dammbeck (1948), Christiane Eisler (1958), Thomas Florschuetz (1957), York der Knoefel (1962-2011), Ute Mahler (1949), Eva Mahn (1947), Sven Marquardt (1962), Barbara Metselaar Berthold (1951), Manfred Paul (1942), Rudolf Schäfer (1952), Gundula Schulze Eldowy (1954), Gabriele Stötzer (1953), Ulrich Wüst (1949).
  2. Trauma in the Work of Marta Zgierska (PL)

    By Linda Zhengová "My experience of depression and anxiety disorders became the starting points of ‘Post’. A moment after I started working on the...
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