1. POSTOST: Україна / Ukraine 19.06.2022 - 18.09.2022

    In order to present positions of Ukrainian artists, to examine nation-building processes as well as the legacy of post-Soviet socialization, the Stiftung Neue Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg (SNKBB) has created the exhibition "POSTOST: Україна / Ukraine". All proceeds will be donated directly to the Ukrainian Cultural Community (UCC) in Berlin
  2. Fotofestiwal Łódź invites Month of Photography Minsk and Odesa Photo Days 9-26.06.2022

    When we started our work on the Fotofestiwal program, the word COMMUNITY – chosen as the main theme of this edition – had a different emotional load than today. After Russia’s unjustified and criminal attack on Ukraine, after millions of Ukrainians have been forced to search for a temporary home, we all see values such as unity and solidarity differently.
  3. To Touch at the Edge. Open Call EEP Berlin x KO-OP Sofia

    deadline: 20th of April 2022 (23:59 CET) In the uncertainty and precariousness of the present - filled with conflicts, health crises, social, finan...
  4. Dialog between Generations. Belarusian Female Artists

    The exhibition features works by Oksana Veniaminova, Tatsiana Tkachova, Vasilisa Palianina, Kate Smuraga along with a curated selection from the VE...
  1. Restless Bodies. East German Photography 1980-1989 curated by Sonia Voss. Exhibition Review

    Exhibition review by Kateryna Kostenko. Works by Tina Bara (1962), Sibylle Bergemann (1941-2010), Kurt Buchwald (1953), Lutz Dammbeck (1948), Christiane Eisler (1958), Thomas Florschuetz (1957), York der Knoefel (1962-2011), Ute Mahler (1949), Eva Mahn (1947), Sven Marquardt (1962), Barbara Metselaar Berthold (1951), Manfred Paul (1942), Rudolf Schäfer (1952), Gundula Schulze Eldowy (1954), Gabriele Stötzer (1953), Ulrich Wüst (1949).
  2. Trauma in the Work of Marta Zgierska (PL)

    By Linda Zhengová "My experience of depression and anxiety disorders became the starting points of ‘Post’. A moment after I started working on the...
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