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In Collaboration with Ostlook, Volksbühne & POSTWEST Festival

Staged Realities


A Collection of Eastern European Photography

eep Vol.1


Şeyda Özdamar | Turkey

Defying Authority


Kirill Kovalenko | Ukraine

Boundaries of Meaning


The Queen of the Animals and the Most Beautiful Gardens | Bulgaria

Hristina Tasheva

Interview Part 1

Oğulcan Ekiz | Turkey

Variations on a Portrait of Two Ladies


Dominik Wojciechowski | Poland

The Castle


Through Time | Lithuania

Tadas Kazakevičius


More Than All | Ukraine

Victoria Pidust

feature by elaine tam

Found Photography | Moldova

The Archive of Zaharia Cuşnir


'smooth space, pleated' | Lithuania

Geistė Marija Kinčinaitytė

Exhibition Review

Emerging Talent | Poland

Agnieszka Sejud


Michał Narożny | Poland

End of Love


Russia | Fyodor Telkov

It's not a matter of nationality


Alena Zhandarova | Russia

Listen to the Space


Piotr Pietrus | Poland

Cicha Woda


Print edition

Gorsad Kiev

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Exhibition | 4 Mar

'Workout - A fine sense of patriotism' Solo by Kudász Gábor Arion

'Workout - A fine sense of patriotism' solo exhibition by Kudász Gábor Arion at Faur Zsófi Gallery- a gallery in Budapest whose mission is to promote Central-and Eastern European contemporary artists and integrate them into the international art scene.

Faur Zsófi Gallery Budapest

Exhibition | 24 Jan - 20 Mar

'Common Ground' Rafał Milach with a solo exhibition at Polish Institute Düsseldorf

'Common Ground' is an attempt to define spaces for collaboration and comprehension, arising from socio-political tensions to be found in contemporary Poland, but also in the rest of Word. Gestures of protest, as well as being a declared manifestation of people's world views, can also be firmly connected with the creation of communities, involving engagement and activism. 'Common Ground' presents various forms of dissent and opposition, which in turn offer the opportunity for creative collaboration.

Polish Institute Düsseldorf

Exhibition | 7 Feb – 2 May

The Real Thing - Bootlegging vs. Authenticity

Anna Ehrenstein and Hassan Kurbanbaev among others as part of "The Real Thing" today curated by Anastasiia Fedorova at Fashion Space Gallery, London. "The Real Thing explores aspiration, ownership, authenticity ⁠— and the disruptive creative power of fashion bootleg. The exhibition showcases the work of artists and creative collectives who use bootlegging to raise the questions of globalisation, capitalist consumption, identity and sustainability. It’s both a celebration of original creative work which encourages critical thinking towards the symbols we consume and an anthropological survey of how we relate to brands today."

Fashion Space Gallery London

Exhibition | 22.11.2019 - 01.03.2020

'Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks'

"The history of the 20th century narrated through photobooks is amazing and intriguing. The dreams of Central European artists, utopian visions of the future, struggle for independence, and documents of everyday life mix with propaganda, tragedy, and war. Viewed through the prism of photobooks, Central Europe is both beautiful and brutal, touching and shocking. The new exhibition organised by the International Cultural Centre, Photobloc. Central Europe in Photobooks, is the first comprehensive display of photobooks from Central Europe that covers over a hundred years of their history focusing on the most ground-breaking, most interesting and beautiful pieces."

MCK Kraków

Exhibition | 6 Feb - 5 Apr

A solo by Maxim Sarychau about the invisibility of death camps in Belarus

'I can almost hear the birds' is the new solo exhibition by Belarussian photographer Maxim Sarychau at the Latvian Museum of Photography. "Death camp Maly Trostinets - the biggest camp on the ex-USSR territory was located a few kilometers south-east of Minsk at the Karl Marx kolkhoz between 1941 - 1944. According to various sources, 60 to 200 thousand people were killed there. In the postwar period in the history of the death camp didn't get due attention. The official version was saying that it was a place where the Nazis were killing Soviet citizens and prisoners of war. However, neither the scale nor the connection of this place with the Holocaust were mentioned. 'I work with the phenomenon of invisibility of the death camp - in nature, urban landscape and geopolitical, invisibility in our culture of memory,' says Maxim."

Latvian Museum of Photography

Book | 8 Feb

Book Launch of "Vialattea" by Ilias Georgiadis

'A new book made by Origini Edizioni and Leporello Books "Vialattea”(2017-2020) happened without a specific pattern of expression and approach. It captured the process of taking a deep breath after coping with the drama of what I like to call “the human adventure”. A natural process of moving forward while turning our gaze into matter, soil and collective memory." This book is a galaxy of flashbacks, memories of light, sometimes intelligible, sometimes barely mentioned. A cinematographic variation of photography fast and melancholic as fragments of a life rethought from the window of a moving train.'

Leporello Bookshop Rome

Book | 6 Feb

Turkish in the suburbs of Paris and Berlin

Solène Gün's new book Turunç to be launched at FOAM. "Solène Gün's project Turunç is a series portraying the everyday life of young men of Turkish descent in the suburbs of Paris and Berlin. Herself of mixed French, Turkish and Kurdish ancestry, Gün seeks to capture their social environment. Her photographs document the hope, fraternity and solidarity that unites them as a community, despite the boredom, the violence and the despair they are confronted with. Her work is about the general phenomenon of the life in the suburbs, and the negative stereotyping imagery its inhabitants are confronted with. The suburbs become a universe apart, out of sight of the public authorities, where a lack of perspective goes hand in hand with strong mutual solidarity."

FOAM Amsterdam

Artist Talk | 4 Jan

Why should women bring children into the world as it is today?

Last day of the 'Becoming' exhibition by photographer Gloria Lizde. "Why should women bring children into the world as it is today? What meaning does becoming a mother have as a form of political subjectivization in the age of neoliberal capitalism, market fundamentalism, all out crisis, omnipresent exploitation, permanent war, and the discriminatory and violent regimes of sexism, homophobia and racism; i.e. the socioeconomic relations that prove themselves to be fundamentally unjust?"

Galerija Događanja Zagreb

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