Agnieszka Rayss artist [Instagram] [Website]

Agnieszka Sejud artist/activist [Instagram] [Website] [KWAS]

Anna Orłowska artist [Instagram] [Website]

Bartek Wieczorek artist [Instagram] [Website]

Dawid Misiorny artist [Instagram] [Website] 

Diana Lelonek artist [Instagram] [Website]

Dominik Wojciechowski artist [Instagram] [Website]

Ela Polkowska artist [Instagram] [Website]

Izabela Jurcewicz artist [Instagram] [Website]

Jan Jurczak artist/activist [Instagram] [Website] [eepberlin]

Julia Klewaniec artist [Instagram] [Website]

Kajetan Plis cinematographer [Instagram] [Website]

Karolina Ćwik artist [Instagram] [Website]

Karolina Gembara artist/activist [Instagram] [Website] [APP] [Sputnik]

Karolina Wojtas artist [Instagram] [Website] [KWAS]

Katarzyna Wąsowska artist [Instagram] [Website]

Krzysztof Powierża artist [Instagram] [Website]

Łukasz Rusznica artist/curator [Instagram] [Website] [Blok]

Maksym Rudnik artist [Instagram] [Website]

Marta Bogdańska artist [Instagram] [Website]

Mateusz Kowalik artist [Instagram] [Website]

Michal Iwanowski artist [Instagram] [Website]

Michał Jaszkowski artist [Instagram] [Website]

Michał Narożny artist [Instagram] [Website [eepberlin]

Milena Liebe artist [Instagram] [Website] 

Milena Soporowska artist/curator [Instagram] [Website]

Monika Orpik artist [Instagram] [Website]

Ola Bydłowska artist [Instagram] [Website]

Patrycja Wojtas artist [Instagram] [Website]

Paweł Kocan artist [Instagram] [Website]

Paweł Jaszczuk artist [Instagram] [Website]

Rafał Milach artist/activist [Instagram] [Website] [Jednostka] [APP] [Sputnik]

Tomasz Kawecki artist [Instagram] [Website]

Tymon Nogalski artist [Instagram] [Website]

Wiktor Malinowski artist/co-founder Czwartek Gallery [Instagram] [Website]

Weronika Gęsicka artist [Instagram] [Website] [Jednostka] [DBPF]

Zuza Krajewska artist [Instagram] [Website]


Marta Grabowska curator [Instagram] [Website]

Krzysztof Candrowicz curator/art director/researcher/educator/co-founder and director of the International Festival of Photography in Lodz

Paulina Anna Galanciak curator [Instagram] [Website]


JEDNOSTKA Gallery was founded by Katarzyna Sagatowska in 2017 in Warsaw, represents artists of different generations distinguishable for their remarkable personalities and unique creative work. [Instagram] [Website] Linda Lach, Karolina Grzywnowicz, Weronika Gęsicka, Magda Hueckel, Andrzej Kramarz, Rafał Milach, Maciej Pisuk, Andrzej Tobis.

czwartek Gallery An independent photography gallery run by a collective of 12 artists [Instagram] [Website] Ola Bydłowska, Jan Jurczak, Paweł Kocan, Milena Liebe, Marta Mach, Wiktor Malinowski, Dawid Misiorny, Tymon Nogalski, Kajetan Plis, Krzysztof Powierża, Maksym Rudnik, Bartek Wieczorek


Fotofestiwal Łódź International festival of photography [Instagram] [Website]

Krakow Photomonth International festival of photography [Instagram] [Website]

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