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Monika Orpik (1997)

Monika Orpik's work stands at the intersection of contemporary art, research and social practice. Orpik’s methodology involves working with specialists across various disciplines e.g. composers, anthropologists and linguists to allow for a space of interaction and exchange of knowledge. Her research focuses on unnamed things, moments undepicted in images and the collapse of meaning caused by the use of inadequate language. She’s interested in stories often omitted from mainstream historical records and the misuse of classification processes that impacts the narrative gaps.

Katarzyna Mazur (1987)

is a Polish photographer from Koło, Poland, living in Berlin. Rooted in her own experience, Mazur's practice deals with the perception of women in society, and with crucial questions such as self-determination over the body and the social construction of gender. She has studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule and her book „ANNA KONDA“ was nominated for the Aperture PhotoBook Award at the Paris Photo 2015.

Agnieszka Sejud (1991)

Agnieszka Sejud is a visual artist, activist and member of the artistic duo KWAS together with Karolina Wojtas. Sejud uses various media to explore different aspects of human identity, the idea of individual freedom, and systems of oppression constraining people’s independence. The artist’s practice includes photography, digital and analogue collage, books and zines, videoart and installations. Her vision of the world is vivid, kaleidoscopic and psychedelic. Sejud often employs deformations and deconstruction of imagery to illustrate her purposes and ideas. Her works have been exhibited internationally.

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Michał Adamski artist [Instagram][Website]


Marta Bogdańska artist [Instagram][Website]

Kasia Brudne artist [Instagram][Website]

Ola Bydłowska artist [Instagram][Website]


Karolina Ćwik artist [Instagram][Website]


Kristina Dul artist [Instagram][Website]


Jacek Fota artist [Instagram][Website]


Karolina Gembara artist/activist [Instagram][Website][APP][Sputnik]

Weronika Gęsicka artist [Instagram][Website][Jednostka][DBPF]


Michal Iwanowski artist [Instagram][Website]


Dominika Jaruga artist [Instagram][Website]

Paweł Jaśkiewicz artist [Instagram][Website]

Paweł Jaszczuk artist [Instagram][Website]

Michał Jaszkowski artist [Instagram][Website]

Monika Jóźwicka artist [Instagram][Website]

Izabela Jurcewicz artist [Instagram][Website]

Jan Jurczak artist/activist [Instagram][Website


Agata Kalinowska artist [Instagram][Website]

Tomasz Kawecki artist [Instagram][Website]

Julia Klewaniec artist [Instagram][Website]

Paweł Kocan artist [Instagram][Website]

Paulina Korobkiewicz artist [Instagram][Website]

Mateusz Kowalik artist [Instagram][Website]

Zuza Krajewska artist [Instagram][Website]

Piotr Kręglicki artist [Instagram][Website]


Diana Lelonek artist [Instagram][Website]

Milena Liebe artist [Instagram][Website] 


Wiktor Malinowski artist/co-founder Czwartek Gallery [Instagram][Website]

Katarzyna Mazur artist [Instagram][Website]

Rafał Milach artist/activist [Instagram][Website][Jednostka] [APP][Sputnik]

Dawid Misiorny artist [Instagram][Website] 


Michał Narożny artist [Instagram][Website][eepberlin]

Tymon Nogalski artist [Instagram][Website]


Anna Orłowska artist [Instagram][Website]

Gabriel Orłowski artist [Instagram][Website]

Monika Orpik artist [Instagram][Website]


Krzysztof Pacholak artist/curator [Instagram][Website]

Karol Palka artist [Instagram][Website]

Michał Patycki artist [Instagram][Website]

Joanna Piotrowska artist [Instagram][Website]

Kajetan Plis cinematographer [Instagram][Website]

Ela Polkowska artist [Instagram][Website]

Natalia Poniatowska artist [Instagram][Website]

Krzysztof Powierża artist [Instagram][Website]

Maciek Przemyk artist [Instagram][Website]


Agnieszka Rayss artist/curator [Instagram][Website]

Agata Read artist [Instagram][Website]

Zula Rubikowska artist [Instagram][Website]

Maksym Rudnik artist [Instagram][Website]

Łukasz Rusznica artist/curator [Instagram][Website][Blok]


Agnieszka Sejud artist/activist [Instagram][Website][KWAS]

Karolina Sobel artist [Instagram][Website]

Olga Sokal artist [Instagram][Website]

Milena Soporowska artist/curator [Instagram][Website]

Grzegorz Sosiński artist [Instagram][Website]

Anna Szkoda artist [Instagram][Website]

Sonia Szóstak fashion photographer [Instagram][Website]

Marta Szymanowska artist [Instagram][Website]


Katarzyna Wąsowska artist [Instagram][Website]

Bartek Wieczorek artist [Instagram][Website]

Jagoda Wisniewska artist [Instagram][Website]

Karolina Wojtas artist [Instagram] [Website][KWAS]

Patrycja Wojtas artist [Instagram][Website]

Wiktoria Wojciechowska artist [Instagram][Website]

Dominik Wojciechowski artist [Instagram][Website]

Kinga Wrona artist [Instagram][Website]

Magdalena Wysocka artist/book maker [Instagram][Website]


Marta Zgierska artist [Instagram][Website]

Ada Zielińska artist [Instagram][Website]


Adam Mazur, "Historie fotografii w Polsce 1839-2009"

"Stories of Photography in Poland 1839-2009" is the first full study of this type on the market - 170 years of Polish photography thoroughly described by one of the most controversial researchers. Adam Mazur, known primarily for his critical texts and exhibitions, presents the sum of his inquiries into the historical dynamics and current condition of photography in Poland. An integral part of the book is the illustrative material - nearly 500 color and black and white reproductions. The book was based on Mazur's doctoral dissertation defended in 2008 at the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw, entitled "Photography in an expanded field. Social and artistic uses of photography in Poland".


Franek Ammer
Curator of Fotofestiwal International Festival of Photography in Lodz. Before joining Fotofestiwal, he co-founded TIFF International Photography Festival in Wroclaw with which he cooperates to this day. He devoted a large part of his work to bringing up aspects related to the photobooks and popularizing them in Poland.
Instagram . Website

Krzysztof Candrowicz 
curator/art director/researcher/educator/co-founder and director of the International Festival of Photography in Lodz

Paulina Anna Galanciak 
Instagram . Website

Marta Grabowska 
Instagram . Website

Anka Gregorczyk 
Instagram . Website

Magdalena Komornicka
Curator at Zachęta — National Gallery of Art
Instagram . Website

Adam Mazur
Curator, editor-in-chief of Blok magazine, and a lecturer at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. He is the author of the recently published Okaleczony świat. Historie fotografii Europy Środkowej 1838–2018 [Maimed Worlds: A History of Central European Photography 1838–2018].

Krzysztof Pacholak

Agnieszka Rayss
[Instagram] [Website]

Łukasz Rusznica 
Instagram . Website

Małgorzata Santarek
Instagram . Website

Marta Szymańska 
Photography curator from Poland. She has been creating Fotofestiwal – International Festival of Photography in Lodz since 2004
Instagram . Website

Spaces + Festivals

Fundacja Galeria Autonomia 
Art gallery in Warsaw's Muranów district. Their main goal is to promote the art of the youngest generation of artists. They organize exhibitions, discussion panels, performative activities.

czwartek Gallery 
An independent photography gallery run by a collective of 12 artists Ola Bydłowska, Jan Jurczak, Paweł Kocan, Milena Liebe, Marta Mach, Wiktor Malinowski, Dawid Misiorny, Tymon Nogalski, Kajetan Plis, Krzysztof Powierża, Maksym Rudnik, Bartek Wieczorek

Fotofestiwal Łódź 
International festival of photography

Jednostka Gallery
Founded by Katarzyna Sagatowska in 2017 in Warsaw, represents artists of different generations distinguishable for their remarkable personalities and unique creative work. Linda Lach, Karolina Grzywnowicz, Weronika Gęsicka, Magda Hueckel, Andrzej Kramarz, Rafał Milach, Maciej Pisuk, Andrzej Tobis.

Muzeum Fotografii w Krakowie MUFO 
The Museum of Photography in Krakow is the only museum institution in Poland devoted entirely to the photographic medium.

Krakow Photomonth 
International festival of photography

Pracowania Duży Pokój 
A cultural place, inspiring meetings, a house of creative work and a space for social debate.

Galeria Szara 
Founded in 2002 in Cieszyn as an independent artist-run-space, in 2016 Szara moved to Katowice developing commercial activities and permanent cooperation with artists by supporting the implementation of their projects and promotion.

TIFF Photography Biennale
Contemporary geopolitical, economic and environmental phenomena and sentiments, we feel as a community of a city, country, continent or planet, but they especially affect us as individuals.

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