Research Grant Program for Ukrainian Photographers




As part of our effort to support Ukrainians throughout this horrific time, we want to focus on supporting Ukrainian photographers’ ability to continue their work. To do this EEP Berlin has launched the Research Grant Program for Ukrainian Photographers.



For 2022, we had originally planned to release the 2nd issue of the EEP Magazine, but since the war started our main priority has shifted to looking for meaningful ways to support our Ukrainian friends and colleagues. Finally, we decided to transform the magazine’s budget into a funding program in support of Ukrainian lens-based artists and researchers.





— to deal with the consequences the war poses on the Ukrainian photographic community;


— to ensure the continuity and development of the Ukrainian photographic scene during the war.



The Research Grant Program for Ukrainian Photographers is funded by EEP Berlin which provides an initial backing of €10 000 which are to be given out in the form of research grants of €250, €500 and €1000 to Ukrainian lens-based artists and researchers currently working in Ukraine.


The research grants are given out to photographers, writers, curators and researchers who are working with specific focus on the current situation in Ukraine. Practitioners who in their respective functions are active in the preservation of Ukraine’s photographic archives will also be considered.





— The participants agree to share excerpts of the work funded for the documentation of the organization's activities.*

EEP Berlin would like to pay individual attention to the work of each participant and will be grateful to periodically receive updates on the work created. The updates can be in the form of images, screenshots, video, sound, writing, and other.**


— To apply please fill out this form.



*Due to the immense complexity of each personal situation EEP Berlin will not account for the ways in which the funds are being spent. It is up to each individual to decide on the way they want to use the grant.




**EEP Berlin does not acquire any rights over the work produced with the grant’s support. The organization does not have the right to share, reproduce or publish the artists’ work without their written consent. 


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If you wish to support our initiative please consider purchasing any of the books marked with #SWU in our shop. All proceeds will be added to the grant's funds. See progress here.



To further support the program we are currently planning an in-house print sale of Eastern European photography, all proceeds from which will be directly channeled to the grant program. News about the sale and the program's development will be shared through our website and social media.