Katarzyna Mazur (PL)


KATARZYNA MAZUR (b.1987, PL) is a Polish photographer from Koło, Poland, living in Berlin. After having studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule she is both working on personal and commissioned projects. Her book „ANNA KONDA“ was nominated for the Aperture PhotoBook Award at the Paris Photo 2015. In 2017 the Paris-based Photo Boite selected Katarzyna's work for an exhibition representing thirty young women photographers from around the world.

Based on her own experience, Katarzyna's work deals with the perception of women in society, with crucial questions such as self-determination over the body and the social construction of gender.





+ Germany
2022 Fotoforum Dresden, Dresden-Neustadt
2016 Bildband Berlin, Berlin

+ India
2015 Young German Photographers, Goethe-Institut, Kolkata


+ Germany
2020 Kraszewski-Museum, Dresden
2019 Borderline, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt
2019 BorderlineCentre Marc Bloch, Berlin, Germany
2018 The Ballery, Berlin
2018 BorderlineCdPV, Berlin
2017 Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin
2016 analogueNOW Festival, Berlin
2015 SMAC, Berlin

+ Belgium

2019 Borderline, Cinema Palace. Brussels

+ India
2015 Young German PhotographersGoethe-Institut, New Delhi

+ Italy
30 Under 30 Women Photographers by Photo Boite/ArtpilThe popping Club, Rome

+ Malaysia
2020 OBSCURA Festival of Photography, George Town, Penang

+ Poland
2015 Fotofestiwal Łódź


Roan (2019)

The forefathers of our home used to say: when something bad befalls you and you stay silent, then nine good things come to you.

Mrs. Roan and her children migrated from Vietnam in 1984. They found asylum in Germany. While it’s been over 30 years, she does not speak a word of German. To this day, she regrets quitting language school very much. She could rely on her children to help her through daily struggles. Now, they don’t have much time for their mother anymore. The loneliness has become normal. However, Mrs. Roan is now 83 years old.


In 2010, female fighters Anna Konda and Red Devil founded the Female Fight Club Berlin. This private and unique Club appeared as revival of female wrestling – tradition that dates back to Berlin of the Golden Twenties. Nowadays, competitions take place in a rented room located in Berlin – Marzahn. The club is open for women of all age and weight. The fights follow no official guidelines.

Porcelain Chin (2013)

Being young is beautiful, but at the same time complicated and brutal. You are searching for your own way. You want to be seen as an individual, but often you have to adapt, in order to find acceptance and acknowledgement. Youth is related to a lot of stress, but there are many methods to relieve it. Sport is one of the best ways to do it. More and more teenagers, especially girls, discover the world of martial arts, like boxing. Any kind of anger, fear and disappointment will be released. The teenagers do not only gain control over their bodies, but also strengthen their self-confidence.

Flashbacks (2013)

A series of portraits made in a tattoo studio in Berlin.