FOTODOK (NL) Presented a Virtual Tour of the Exhibition 'Whispers and Shouts: Voices of Ukrainian Women Photographers'

by Amina Ahmed


FOTODOK has published a 360° online tour of the exhibition 'Whispers and Shouts: Voices of Ukrainian Women Photographers', which was open for the view in Utrecht from February 24 until May 14 2023. 

This virtual tour is available via link, allowing visitors to explore the space and discover spotlighted projects. After loading the tour, viewers can read the navigation tips, move through the different exhibition rooms, clicking on icons for more information in the form of images, text, audio or video. The Virtual Presence highlights projects by Darina Iyudina, Karine Zenja Versluis, Katia Motyleva, Katya Lesiv, Olena Morozova, Yana Kononova and Mykolaiv's MYPH School of Photography. 

Curated by Daria Tuminas, Whispers and Shouts. Voices of Ukrainian Women Photographers collects stories about war and displacement from artists of Ukrainian origin. Their projects deal with the complexity of emotions, pain, loss, connections between people, and the trauma of being separated from home. Most of these stories reflect the personal experiences of the artists: losing close friends and family, reuniting relatives under new circumstances, exploring one's own roots or the realities of motherhood in wartime. 

EEP Berlin has recently covered the event, more information is here


Image: Katya Lesiv, I am. Rada, 2018-2022


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