Video Installation 'Moscow-NYC' by Naum Medovoy

by Maya Hristova

Moscow-NYC | Naum Medovoy | 2017 | Trailer

Decades later, Medovoy’s 1973 film became the focal point of his six-channel video installation 'The Last March' (2017) and its titular Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) exhibition. The work combines footage from the film with contemporary street scenes shot in London and New York, two cities that both play a role in Medovoy’s life. He immigrated to the USA in the late 1970s.

It is this exhibition documentation at MMOMA that we see in 'Moscow – NYC' (2017), intercut with footage from 'The Last March's various channels. Spliced together into a seamless, one-channel whole intended for theatrical screenings, 'Moscow – NYC' functions as a tribute to Medovoy's personal history and artistic research, which extends over four decades and challenges conventional representations of the collective past, while investigating the present context in which war history is being remembered and transformed.

In the context of 'SKIP INTRO', EEP Berlin’s first group exhibition, Medovoy is seen as an important influence for a generation of younger, Eastern European photographers.


Art Stalker | Kaiser-Friedrich-Str.-67 | 10627 Berlin 28 October 2018 | 18:00 | Free entrance


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