Redzet Editions Has Released Granny, a Book by Ukrainian Artist Olena Morozova

by Amina Ahmed


REDZET Editions, a Ukrainian publishing house, has released Granny, a book by artist Olena Morozova. This book is a part of the artist's eponymous project, which she started after her grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. The series is both complex and intimate, exploring not only the syndrome as a social problem but also family relations, intergenerational bonds, and the unique identity of women.



As the artist explains, in the Granny project, her goal is not only to explore the topic of a mental disorder, but also to capture her grandmother's emotional state by portraying her real life and imaginary memories of the past. By doing so, the artist aims to support her grandmother and highlight the importance of caring for older adults with similar conditions.

An essential aspect of the publication is the collection of pictures from Morozova's grandmother's archives from the 1930s to the 1980s. The artist has also recorded stories from her grandmother's life, which she recounted while she was ill. The texts are presented in their original language (Russian-Ukrainian Surzhyk) and translated into English. 


The book is currently available for purchase.


Olena Morozova (UA) is a visual artist based in Kyiv. She works with themes of spirituality, sexuality, gender identity and family relationships. She uses photography to perceive and discover her inner world and sees the world around her. Morozova's works have been exhibited at the Southern Utah Museum of Art and Walker Art Gallery in the USA; Fotodok, Netherlands; Encontros da Imagem, Portugal; Rybnik Photo Festival, Poland; the Finnish Museum of Photography, Finland; Copenhagen Photo Festival, Denmark; Odesa Photo Days and Photo Kyiv Fair in Ukraine. Her images have also been published in Artdoc Magazine, Conbini Art, FotoNostrum Magazine, Vogue, Politiken, and Libération. Olena Morozova is a member of the Ukrainian Women’s Photography Organisation, FUTURES Photography, and MYPH Collective.


REDZET Editions is a Kyiv-based publishing house that produces artbooks and photo albums focusing on contemporary Ukrainian photography.


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