Ukraine. Work-in-Progress

by Maya Hristova

An exhibition dedicated to the work of Vic Bakin, Nazar Furyk, Yana Kononova, Viacheslav Poliakov and Elena Subach, the five selected recipients of EEP’s support initiative RGULAR -  Research Grant for Ukrainian Lens-based Artists and Researchers.

Opening: 24 Feb 2023 7PM
On View: 25 Feb - 05 Mar 2023
Location: KVOST
Kunstverein Ost e.V.
Leipziger Straße 47 / Jerusalemer Straße
10117 Berlin

‘Ukraine. Work-in-Progress’ showcases a selection from the artists’ work from the past year. As the name suggests, the offered perspective does not focus on one completed series, rather, it attempts to offer the viewer a selection of key insights into the artists’ visual language as it was affected by the war. The research focus is devoted to the process, the fragile and long work of the artist in the field of war, the impossibility of concluding a statement — a condition familiar to most of the actors in the Ukrainian cultural scene. Today we count nine years of resistance.

Analyzing the complexity of artistic thought and the emergence of new visual codes of expression, coupled with the hybridization of artistic styles and their superimposition, the exhibition reveals how wartime impacts and disrupts the photographer's artistic practice. 

The exhibition is curated by Amina Ahmed, also RGULAR recipient, and EEP Berlin’s founder Maya Hristova.

RGULAR (Research Grant for Ukrainian Lens-based Artists & Researchers) is a support initiative launched by EEP Berlin in April of 2022
A cooperation between KVOST & EEP Berlin

Cover image: Vic Bakin

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