Marie Tomanova

Young American is about the hope of youth, the power of youth, and about the connection between people—the profound humanness we all share. It reflects my vision, as an immigrant, of the freedom and identity of an “America” still rife with dreams and possibilities. It is my visualization of America that validates a sense of self not in terms of some idealized standard of gender, sexuality, or beauty, but as who we each are as unique individuals.

About the artist

Marie Tomanova was born in former Czechoslovakia and grew up in the small border town of Valtice in South Moravia. She has been dealing with issues of displacement, identity, inclusivity, gender, and sexuality through photography and video in her current two main projects: 'Self-portraits' in which she address the issue of displacement and finding place in the American landscape and 'Young American' which was released as a solo show at Czech Center New York (2018) and addresses issues of displacement, belonging and fitting into the American landscape in a social aspect.

Marie Tomanova

"It's really super fucking amazing and liberating to see that if somebody really dreams about something, even bigger than they dared to dream about - it can happen."

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