Piotr Pietrus

'When I was a child, I often traveled to the old past in my dreams, to those days, that are gone for good, thus impossible to experience. All that was left was to imagine. As a photographer, I became interested in looking for peculiar wormholes, the parallel worlds, societies, where time and history seemed to be frozen. From this point of view, I explore local territories and find it exciting when the past, fairy tales or myths suddenly come up through the surface of well-known reality.'

About the artist

Fyodor Telkov was born in 1986 in Nizhniy Tagil, Russia, and is now based in Yekaterinburg. He became a member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia in 2010. Since then he has participated in solo and group exhibitions in China, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, USA and Russia. He has also published the photobooks '36 Views' and 'Alania. Testament. Blood of the Narts'.

Piotr Pietrus

Q. How does ‘Cicha Woda’ speak of the context in which it was created?

A. ‘Cicha Woda’ has naturally evolved through assembling images that speak to me in a certain mode. I am looking for the poetic in everyday situations, such as an apple tree at night covered with a green net to protect its fruit from the birds. An exhausted friend eating ice cream. Or watching my son playing at the shores of a lake during a short travel stop. The context is wide and the editing brings these moments together in order to create its own narrative, its own melody.

Q. How is this project a continuation of your previous work?

A. Alongside my project work I have always been collecting images. Cicha Woda is an edit out of these growing archives. In this way, Cicha Woda is always ongoing, taking twists and turns, going in different directions, silently floating alongside my daily life. The name only reflects a fragment of this river.