POSTOST: Україна / Ukraine 19.06.2022 - 18.09.2022

by Maya Hristova

Russia has been waging a war of aggression in Ukraine since February. Millions of people are on the run. There is no end in sight. In order to present positions of Ukrainian artists, to examine nation-building processes as well as the legacy of post-Soviet socialization, the Stiftung Neue Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg (SNKBB) has created the exhibition "POSTOST: Україна / Ukraine". All proceeds will be donated directly to the Ukrainian Cultural Community (UCC) in Berlin (less costs incurred). The exhibition brings together positions of primarily Ukrainian artists, which are shaped by the course of Ukrainian history and post-Soviet socialization. The result is a prismatic view of histories of identity, uprootedness, identification, and belonging.


POSTOST: Україна / Ukraine
19.06.2022 - 18.09.2022

Concept and curation:
Marcus Boxler & Julia Boxler

Supported by
Stiftung Neue Kunst Berlin-Brandenburg

June, 18th at 2 pm
Karl-Marx-Straße 84
Berlin - Neukölln


Volo Bevza
Mitya Churikov
Daria Kozlova & Arwin Ahm
Sasha Kurmaz
Boris Mikhailov
Victoria Pidust
Marija Prymatschenko
Liza Riabinina
Anatoliy Sachivko
Nikita Teryoshin

New work by Volo Bevza and Victoria Pidust in collaboration with 4Spaces | ZigZagZurich @zigzagzurich

The paintings by Marija Prymatschenko reconstructed as wool blankets. The original paintings were destroyed in an attack on the Ivankiv Museum an irreparabel loss of Ukrainian art history.

Big thanks to @bilderrahmen_neumann_gmbh for framing works and showing solidarity with Ukraine.

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